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Fresh, local, chemicals-free, natural produce.
Monday - Saturday, 8AM to 1PM
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Call to schedule: 559.324.0465
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The Center
1233 West Shaw, Suite 105
Fresno, CA, 93711
(559) 355-8758

The Center is located near Whole Foods Market on Shaw Avenue.

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Call Bruno Luconi

to schedule an appointment
(559) 324-0465
MOA House

The Oasis Garden
5790 North Indianola
Clovis, CA 93619
(559) 324-0465

The Oasis Garden is located in rural Fresno County, about 8 miles east of Clovis.

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Driving Directions to Oasis Garden from Fresno/Clovis
  • Take Shaw Avenue east, all the way through Fresno and Clovis.
  • Continue past Temperance at the east edge of Clovis, and the next major intersection will be McCall.
  • Continue past McCall for almost 2 miles – past the Quail Lake development, and watch for the sign for Indianola.
  • Turn left on Indianola, and continue for a bit less than a mile.
  • Turn right through the gate at the distinctive blue roof that marks the Oasis Garden at 5790 Indianola.