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Okada Purifying Therapy (OPT) is a method of curing illnesses, as developed by Okada through more than 30 years of research with over 20,000 people. Okada taught that all life arises from an inseparable union of spirit and body. Accordingly, he said human beings are comprised of a spiritual body and a physical body. Okada also taught that spirit precedes body; that is, the physical condition is a mirror image of the spiritual condition.

He explained that illnesses, which afflict the physical body, are caused by the accumulation and solidification of toxins in the regions of the physical body that correspond to clouding on the spiritual body. Toxin and accumulation and solidification also dulls the body's natural healing ability, causing further toxin accumulation and solificiation. When OPT is administered to key points, clouding on the spiritual body is elminiated, the correspnding toxins in the physical body are liquefied and purged as natural healing ability is gradually activated, and health is proportinately restored.

OPT is the act of channeling and focusing spiritual bio-energy directly to the spiritual body. OPT utilizes this bio-energy to cure illnesses by treating their root cause. The most distinctive characteristic of OPT is the view of illness as a purification process. Needless to say, this view is unprecedented and unparalleled in Western and Eastern medicine, as well as in the various types of folk medicine.

Medical research has explained that our bodies support life because homeostasis is sustained through truly elaborate and exact mechanisms like circulation, respiration, digestion and absorption, internal secretions, metabolism, nerves, etc. However, Okada actually discovered another important auto-support function of the body he referred to as the purification process. He explained that pathogenic substances that accumulate in the body are purged before they exert an adverse effect on life. The health of human beings is maintained through this process.

Typical examples of this purification process are coughing, expectoration, nasal discharge, perspireation, diarrhea, fever, pain, itching, nausea, paralysis, malaise, etc. However, it is evident that efforts were made throughout history in the East and West using various medicines to suppress these symptoms ofeten experienced during the common cold, etc. (as harmful illnesses.) Okada pointed out that this is the very cause of poor health in human beings and one of the greatest mistakes in the history of mankind.

On the other hand, OPT directly removes and eliminates the accumulated causes of diseases without the accompanying pain. To understand the fundamental principle of OPT, a general understanding of Okada's ideology and philosophy, beginning with his theory of the purification process and including his theory on dualistic world existence, is indespensable.