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In creating a truly healthy civilization that is in harmony with Nature, Mokichi Okada began to construct small prototypes of such a true civilization. At the prototypes, people could directly experience what true civilization is like and could incorporate it into their daily lives. Although industrial society makes agriculture remote from our daily lives, farming has always been an integral part of human culture.

Okada desired to create a model of an ideal city or community, where healthy food is produced and distributed locally, while preserving the ecosystem. He created prototypes in the cities of Hakone and Atami, both places of abundant natural beauty within Japan's Izu-Hakone National Park. Two of his main prototypes he called Shinsenkyô (God's Enchanted Land) and Zuiunkyô (Land of Auspicious Clouds).

He then planned to construct more practical prototypes that could be created throughout the world. These prototypes he called Zuisenkyô (Health Oasis Garden). The three major components of Zuisenkyô are:

  • Demonstration farm of Nature Farming (MOA's ecological farming)
  • Flowering gardens
  • Wellness institute (ryôin), centered on Okada Purifying Therapy, Nature Farming and natural foods, and art and cultural therapies.

With this spirit, we began construction of a Zuisenkyô prototype in Fresno County, California.