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Mokichi Okada was born in Tokyo in 1882. During his life, Okada was confronted with the fact that material prosperity does not necessarily lead to human happiness. It was in Nature that Okada discovered the causes and effects of the problems facing humanity and the principles on which to create an ideal civilization. A new civilization - a world of art imbued with truth, virtue, and beauty coexisting in perfect harmony with Nature - would emerge.

In creating a truly healthy civilization that is in harmony with Nature, Mokichi Okada began to construct small prototypes of such a true civilization. At the prototypes, people could directly experience what true civilization is like and could incorporate it into their daily lives. Although industrial society makes agriculture remote from our daily lives, farming has always been an integral part of human culture.

The philosophy and practice of Natural Farming arose from Mokichi Okada's research, in the late 1930's and 1940's. He discovered that if our agricultural methods respect the soil and enhance its innate power, then our food will always be rich in natural energy and will nourish and support our health. Human beings can thrive only by living in harmony with Nature. 

Okada discovered that everything on Earth, including vegetables and fruits, has a visible, physical side and an invisible, spiritual side.

Okada Purifying Therapy (OPT) is a method of curing illnesses, as developed by Okada through more than 30 years of research with over 20,000 people. Okada taught that all life arises from an inseparable union of spirit and body. Accordingly, he said human beings are comprised of a spiritual body and a physical body. Okada also taught that spirit precedes body; that is, the physical condition is a mirror image of the spiritual condition.