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Retired farmers, Tadashi and Yoko Mori, donated their home and 5 acres of land to make possible the creation of the first Zuisenkyo in the continental United States. The Zuisenkyo was established in ceremonies on January 10, 1999, and this plaque commemorates those events:

Birthplace of the Zuisenkyo Prototype in Continental U. S. A.

Tadashi and Yoko Mori have long been practicing the philosophy of Mokichi Okada and have made significant contributions toward his causes, in particular toward the creation of a True Civilization as Master Okada envisioned. In addition they offered this property to create the first prototype of Okada's Zuisenkyo on the United States mainland. Therefore in deepest gratitude I hereby commend for all posterity their meritorious service and commitments. January 10, 1999 - Teruaki Kawai, Chairman MOA, International.

A later purchase brought the total grounds to the present size of ten acres. The first stage completion of the Zuisenkyo was commemorated on December 6, 2003.